Backwoods Cooking

So what do you do if its raining heavily and you are planning an outdoor open fire cooking session? In the words of Peter, our wonderful session leader from Kenya, “Its perfect for cooking”. Indeed it would make the challenge even more rewarding.

Leading up the the session we were all slightly concerned that the heavens may put pay to our night, but as soon as we started making a shelter and building a fire, the scouts took to the task in hand and within a short while we were dry and about to cook. For most it was a new experience cooking potatoes, bananas, pizza and cake on a fire. Indeed a 4 coarse meal was on offer.

Potatoes wrapped, bananas split and smothered in chocolate buttons, Pizzas filled and cake mixed. One by one the food was prepared and added the fire. Some in the embers, some in the makeshift oven and some on the grill. And one by one they came off the fire to the delight of the scouts.

As an experience we really did cram in so much and hope the scouts took lots from the evening.

Thanks to Jen & Paula, who helped set up and prep food, along with the early arrivals who made the shelter and fire. Plus a big thanks Peter who made it possible. Well done all…


Section Assistant - Scouts