Gift Aid

Free funds for the Group!

Parents are asked to complete the Gift Aid declaration via their childs account on OSM.  If you are not a parent and wish to donate to the group please contact us and request a form.

Currently the Inland Revenue (HMRC) allows Scout Groups like ours (as we are a Registered Charity) to claim back Gift Aid on charity subscription payments, or any donations.  This covers the subscription you pay for each year.  As a Group we can claim back 25p every time £1.00 is donated to us, provided the donor is a current tax payer.  For the last financial year (2018/2019) we have received a rebate of about£2,750 – equivalent to 4 Jumble Sales!!!  With greater participation we could increase this amount.

Gift Aid – Frequently asked Questions and Answers:

Q. Is a Gift Aid declaration complicated?

A. No it is very simple and only requires you to declare that you want your payments in respect of subscriptions to be treated as Gift Aid payments.

Q. Do I have to complete a separate declaration for each of my children in the Group?

A. No one declaration covers all payments you make in respect of their subscriptions.

Q. Will I have to reveal any personal tax information?

A. No all that is needed is very basic information ie your name and address and confirmation that you want your payments to be treated as Gift Aid payments.

Q. Will it cost me anything extra?

A. No, the Group will simply claim back the tax that would have otherwise have gone to the Inland Revenue. This way we can use the tax to reduce the impact of subscriptions and improve the programme we offer. It will also save you money in the long term as the revenue we get from claiming the tax back will help prevent large subscription increases.

Q. What will I have to do in the future?

A. Nothing, once you complete the declaration this covers your child(ren) until they leave the Group.

Q. What happens if my child changes sections?

A. Nothing, as the gift aid declaration is not in respect of a specific sum but merely the subscription, however much that will be.

Q. What happens if I stop paying tax?

A. If you stop paying tax or have paid insufficient tax to cover the amount the Group will be claiming back you should inform the Scout Group and they will not make a claim for your payments.

Q. What happens if my child leaves the Group?

A. As there is no legal commitment in a Gift Aid declaration you will cease making payments and the Group will only claim back the tax on the payments you made before the child left the Group.